What kind of fitness level do I need to be?
Each trip will have a graphic fitness level rating. Generally speaking, it is important to be pursuing the activity of the trip on a very regular basis months prior to the leave date. The enjoyment of any activity is if you are not completely fatigued at the end of the day , and dreading the next. Clearly, the very nature of the activities are physical and you will be subscribing to those.

Do I need insurance?
You must be fully insured for each trip. There may be occasions where there are specific requirements. For example, helicopter rescue when access is difficult in the mountains. We have a good working relationship with two main specialist providers the BMC and Fogg Travel. Recommendations will be made well in advance of the trip.

What equipment do I need?
Lists will be issued and in the case of any specialist requirements, you will be advised on sources. Once again we have a strong relationship with Lyon equipment who supply top brands such as Ortlieb, Petzl, La Sportiva, etc.

What travel arrangements do I need to make before going?
Generally Access-Adventure.net will provide transport on arrival to the start point of the activity. Advice will be given as to appropriate airlines, timings etc well in advance to allow you to secure reasonably priced flights etc.

What’s included in the money I pay?
This will be clearly specified on each trip. As general guide, the trips will be all-inclusive (once on the chosen activity). Either end of a trip may involve meal purchases. With certain types of activities , particularly overseas treks, a service charge/tip is required for porterage etc. You will be notified of this well in advance of the trip.

How about accomodation?
This will vary from trip to trip but because of the nature of the trips there may well be sharing involved. Wherever possible, any requests will be considered for room mates etc. Single rooms/tents may also be an option with a small surcharge. Please ask at the time of booking.

Where there are special demands made, you will be advised of these well in advance. Any supporting paperwork can be provided, as required. Please do not leave this until the last minute as they can take some time. Any costs involved will be at your expense.

How do I pay you for a trip?
To pay for a trip, please view the pop-up after submitting your booking form. On the booking form you will have the option of paying via cheque or online banking. The address to send cheques payable to Access-Adventure Limited is as follows: Mr M Dodwell, Hawkesbury Road, London, SW15 5HH. We will send details for online banking after receipt of your booking form.

How can I contact you?
To contact me, please see the contact page for all the contact information.

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